Smartplay by Verizon

Get smarter about your viewers
to deliver personalized experiences.

Engage with your viewers
on a 1 to 1 basis

Are you struggling to deliver value to your over-the-top (OTT) service’s viewers? Why is it that your monthly viewership is still shrinking and your apps are still being abandoned after you carefully launched your apps on all the right platforms and built out your content library?

On top of it all, why are your ad completion rates low compared to other apps?

If only there was a way to get direct feedback from every viewer. More importantly, if only there was a way to turn viewer feedback into meaningful action that provides value for every viewer to keep them loyal to your service. Is this even possible and how?

A smarter platform at your disposal

When you work with an OTT platform that allows you to dynamically change the viewing experience while a viewer is watching, you can make smarter decisions. The integrated features that enable smarter decisions include:

Smarter delivery

Verizon Digital Media Services’ end-to-end platform, integrated with Smartplay, is purpose-built to deliver TV-like quality, individualized experiences to millions of simultaneous viewers on every screen. Our platform is powered by our next-generation Edgecast Content Delivery Network (CDN), featuring world-class routing algorithms that ensure powerful, reliable, lightning-fast performance for all your content needs.

Smarter advertising

Integrated into our end-to-end platform, Smartplay provides a real-time, one-to-one connection to your viewer’s device, enabling you to optimize monetization opportunities. Smartplay’s server-side ad insertion technology and industry-standard ad-decisioning system are used to deliver personalized ad experiences across live, linear and on-demand programming. By enforcing advertising business rules according to your monetization strategy, Smartplay enables smarter advertising to help you get the most value out of your online content.

Smarter insights

Today’s advanced OTT services are powered by a complex architecture, featuring systems that generate a great deal of data. Some of this data is operational and critical, while others are business related. Only Verizon Digital Media Services’ end-to-end platform provides you with a one-stop solution that collects this data and gathers all the necessary insights you’ll need to make smarter decisions.

Smarter programming

Personalized programming

Observes and learns viewers’ habits and preferences so that you can create a highly personalized online channel by selecting multiple video program titles and stitching them into playback URL for every individual viewer. a virtual linear channel.

Regional blackouts

Enforces content rights based on program availability. The blackout manager communicates with the manifest to replace content that is restricted in certain markets.


Made up of a directory of video chunks, the manifest is also known as the playlist. It works in conjunction with the video blackout manager to customize each viewer’s session based on content availability and network quality. The manifest also works with the Ad Decision System (ADS) and our server-side ad insertion technology to decide when and how to request and deliver an ad.

Smarter discovery

Smarter protection

Content discovery

Build a unique TV channel based on inputs from recommendation plug-ins and other content classifications, such as viewer likes or shows that they may enjoy based on interests, time of day, trends, etc.

Protect your premium content

Defends your content from unauthorized viewing as each viewer’s session is matched to a unique authentication key required for playback.

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