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When it comes to your website, every second counts.

A smarter platform for digital media

from content to experience

Meet your new single
source of content intelligence.

Media Xperience Studio

Combines the end-to-end components, processes and analytics for seamless content supply chain management

Better matters.

Why our content delivery network is simply better.

Quality drives
higher engagement.

Understand your online viewers’ TV-watching habits at a glance with our infographic.

Verizon Digital Media Services platform

Our digital media platform is the industry’s only end-to-end solution that can prepare, deliver, display and monetize your content.

Video service

Our Uplynk Video Streaming service collapses multiple workflows into one for the simplest way to adaptively stream quality linear, live and on-demand video to every device that scale to audiences worldwide.

CDN service

Our Edgecast Content Delivery Network delivers faster, more reliable and secure digital performance across all devices and scales your reach worldwide thanks to our service delivery model, which bolsters agility, autonomy and visibility.

Monitoring service

Our Volicon Media Intelligence service offers enterprise media intelligence, monitoring and compliance capabilities for broadcasters, networks, cable and IPTV operators, and governments to ensure quality of experience on every device.

Content intelligence service

Our Media Xperience Studio service provides new intelligence to help you drive agile business and technical decisions to optimize production and distribution workflows, assets and metadata for streaming media.

Our solutions

Whether you’re delivering over-the-top (OTT) video, webpages, online commerce, applications, games, mobile ads or live events, Verizon Digital Media Services has a faster, more reliable and secure solution for all your content delivery needs.

Live Streaming

It’s the industry’s only fully integrated solution to simplify your live event workflows.


The simplest way to prepare, deliver, display and monetize flawless video that scales as your audience grows.

Web Acceleration

Engage customers with fast, personalized online experiences that grow revenue and accelerate enterprise web applications.

Commerce Acceleration

Address important business objectives like website speed, scalability, mobility and security with a carefully bundled, comprehensive suite of services.

Cloud Security

Protect your web applications and user data with our comprehensive solution.

Verizon Powers Disney
The WATCH ABC and WATCH Disney apps were developed to reach viewers instantly on every device - the way millennials expect to consume media.
Verizon Powers
Our network can handle even the most demanding sports fans. Colts fans always want more content to stay connected to their beloved team.
Verizon Powers Twitter
Twitter has transformed how the world communicates.
Our network delivers those wonderful tweets and has helped Twitter's scale as the world keeps tweeting.

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